Many of our members are multinational companies who are major national Branded and / or Private Label suppliers. Over half of our members sell in excess of AUD $3m per annum in Private Label sales. Some sell tens of millions of dollars of Private Label products.  Why do these companies join PLMA Australia / New Zealand?

PLMA membership is highly regarded by retailers as it demonstrates that the supplier is invested in development of their Private Label business. This is particularly important for companies that have strategic partnerships with major retailers. Our events involve senior retail decision makers and they view active engagement in the Association as a strong level of interest in their business.  

For companies who have high level retailer relationships,  PLMA membership provides an additional touch point outside of the transactional environment. Our events are often workshops, or forums with Q&A where members have the opportunity to gain clarity on strategy and ask questions of senior decision makers.  Retailers regard the input from major supplier partners at these events as being very favourable.

PLMA runs an annual Private Label Industry Survey with members each year. The results are presented to the senior management teams within the various retailers, and the insights  are utilised by each retailer to support evolution of its Private Label strategy. Given the significant value retailers place on these insights,  input from key partners is highly regarded and helps to drive positive change that will impact your business.  

The educational resources that PLMA provides are bespoke, custom produced  reports. For companies who have commercial arrangements with data insight providers, the information we provide is of incremental value given the reports are created exclusively for PLMA. This provides additional insights to support growth of your business.