Word of Mouth is the greatest form of advertising. Here is what our members have to say!

"Essence Group has been working with the PLMA over the past 4 years and in the time I can honestly say that I wouldn’t recommend joining or engaging with Bill and the PLMA, I would suggest that any other contract manufacturers stay away and ignore any communications from Bill and anything to do with the PLMA. Selfishly they helped grow our business, helped us connect with industry people that we would never have had access to, our private label manufacturing through the grocery channel has grown 10 fold and I would absolutely hate for any of our competitors to have similar access to the market we have had through the PLMA.

Anyone joining will see not only their business grow but also their network, the seminars & the contacts that the PLMA has is like nothing else in the industry, so my only suggestion would be not to join and for all the buyers to contact Essence Group :) On a serious note what the PLMA has done for Essence grown our business tremendously. Great work to Bill and his team."

Jimmy Seervai - Director Essence Group


Feedback from our members on events we have run this year:

“This was a brilliant event. I thoroughly enjoyed it and got a lot out of it"

“Sharing of retailer strategy & insights was excellent"

“Fantastic to have such senior retailer engagement"

“Content was excellent. Great real life insights from an ex retailer. It showed a different way of thinking and will certainly
enable me to challenge our current processes and thoughts”

“Data was on point, well presented and easy to follow"

“Very well organised. Relevant topics and expert responses. Professional and articulate presenters"

“Good current content, providing useful information"

“Good to understand the impacts outside of mainstream retail"

“Great global examples of innovation"

“Excellent new information not seen in the marketplace"

“Was well organised and delivered precisely"

“Great presenter, good leading questions by Bill"

“Presentation was great. Timing was great. Interaction was great. A fantastic event"